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Uvision is a software and web development company and an academy. Its vision is to provide the best services to clients and a professional environment to students, so they can earn and become professional.

Uvision A Software and Web Development Company and an Academy

Uvision has been providing its web development services since 2016. Our mission is to provide the best solution to our clients. We work on client projects until they are 100% satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions within the discussed domain of requirements.

In 2019, Uvision started an academy whose main purpose is to remove unemployment and train all students in a professional environment to boost their skills so they can earn online during their student life.

Get awesome web applications from Uvision

Uvision provide your business a new thinking of doing business by automating your whole system, so you business grows up.
It provides you the best solution of your business problems.

Instant Setup

We will provide you and integrate automated system in no time, what should you do, just contact with us.

Fast Loading

We work on latest techniques, so the applications will remain error free and works effectively and efficiently .

Our Services

  • Software and Web Solutions
  • IOS/Android Application
  • Graphic Desiginng
  • SEO and Digital Marketing Services
  • Any Kind Management System
  • ERP's (with REST API)
  • POS
  • Offers different courses to students
  • Freelancing Training
  • Provide professional environment to students
Above 150
Happy Clients

We focus on quality rather than quantity.

Above 300

Including IOS,Android,AR and ERP projects API's.

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We choose best technology according to need.

Our Projects

These are some of our project for demo which we have done recently. For more demos please contact us.

Wordpress Management System.

This project is actually a management of diferent wp sites at one platform via the wp rest api and custom api’s , this project is made in codeigniter where you have to add wp domains with their username and password, and then you can manage that site very easily including the Yoast SEO management at that place, it has following

School Management System

Uvision provides school management system, it is a software which can managed very easily and it can be installed on any school, by using this you can easily manage the students, teachers and their progress through out the year.

There are three panels in a system


  1. Admin Panel
  2. Teachers Panel
  3. Student

Best Point of Sale Software

Upos is point of sale software, can be used on any retail shop, it will enhance your product sales, saves a time

What is Point of Sale?

Point of Sale software can be used on any business, it records each and every transaction of business to view business progress


It has following feature

  1. Add Products

Our Blogs

These are some of our blogs For more details please contact us.

How to Use DataTable in PHP And HTML with Example

How to Use DataTable in PHP

Do you want to integrate DataTable in your website and projects? DataTable add advanced controls to your HTML tables. In this article, we show you how to use DataTable in PHP. DataTable nowadays a very popular for listing of records in the projects. It is

Grow Your Shoes Store Business with U POS Point Of Sale

Upos is point of sale software, can be used on any retail software, it will enhance your product sales, saves a time It’s simple to train staff, add users, and track performance It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products in Upos,

Custom and Easy JavaScript Form Validation With Example(New)

What is JavaScript form validation?

Custom JavaScript form validation is the most important part of web development where you can display custom errors message to users and visitors of your website. We used JavaScript form

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