Grow Your Shoes Store Business with U POS Point Of Sale (2024)

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Grow Your Shoes Store Business with U POS Point Of Sale

Upos is point of sale software, can be used on any retail software, it will enhance your product sales, saves a time It’s simple to train staff, add users, and track performance It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products in Upos, including images, prices, and variations by size and color. Upos reporting and stock management makes it easy to sell more of your best products, season after season.

U POS Point of sale have following Features

  1. Add Products Categories
  2. Add Products        
  3. Add Regular Customers
  4. Add Your Products Suppliers
  5. Stock in feature (also available on credit stock in)
  6. Stock out feature
  7. Place order (wholesale or regular both)
  8. Can place order on credit with regular customers
  9. Can view expenses
  10. View the P & L reports(profit and loss reports , (daily, monthly or annually))
  11. Can take the backup and restore functionality
  12. Can view the products stats , selling reports
  13. Can view the stock out products
  14. Can view the last month, year top selling products
  15. Can view the customer credits
  16. Can view the supplier credits
  17. Can cancel the order
  18. Hold order functionality
  19. Strong authentication of admin
  20. Do some basic invoice settings
  21. Tax feature (customizable, enable or disable it)