Retain24 Widget Application.

This project is for the company ‘retain 24’ in Swedan. The main theme of the project any other comapany can register at here and design his site by adjusting the colors and size, then at the end this site gives the user the 3-4 lines code when user place it at his register domain then user whole site works with just 3-4 lines codes , and any one can purchase gift cards for their

Wordpress Management System.

This project is actually a management of diferent wp sites at one platform via the wp rest api and custom api’s , this project is made in codeigniter where you have to add wp domains with their username and password, and then you can manage that site very easily including the Yoast SEO management at that place, it has following


This project is actually a crawler , the crawler is made in php codeigniter(mvc), which is able to crawl all softwares from filehippo to on daily bases with the help of cron job , this project has also the admin panel where admin can manage the softwares, the crawler is made by using the php html dom libarary (works like jQuery).

UPOS- Uvision point of sale

UPOS is point of sale software which can be installed at any shop which sell things, it manage the stock very efficiently